Woodtick Prevention Attempt #2

 After coming out of the bush with 100 woodticks, I bought a bottle of geranium oil for $27.  A lot of money for something that may not work.  I had to work up the courage to actually open it.  After picking off ticks all weekend today was the day.  I courageously opened the bottle and put one drop on each of the boys collars, and then promptly gagged.  The stuff smells disgusting.  It reminds me of baby powder, and that in turn reminded me of changing diapers, and then all of a sudden I wanted kids.  Talk about falling down the rabbit hole and getting a concussion.  If it works I will have to live with this scent all summer.

We went out to the pasture for over an hour, walked around, did yoga, did some meditation.  I had two ticks crawling over me, but that is it!!  I found no ticks on the dogs all day.  So other than being baby crazed all summer, it’s looking as if it might work.  The real test will be when we gather up the courage to go to the bush again.  IMG_1503


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