Cloud bathing and biking

Cloud bathing. We tried to sun bathe today, but it turned into cloud bathing.

After spending most of the day in bed, we finally put our new bike trailer together and went for a 6 mile ride.  It was refreshing in a sweaty way.

I’m self-conscious about the bike trailer because I spent a lot of money on something new, and I’m a huge advocate of dogs getting a lot of exercise.  I don’t want people to think that I haul around my dogs and never let them run.  I should be unapologetic about it, but I am not, so here is the explanation.

Mr. Sam I Am doesn’t need as much exercise as Hephzibah does.  He’s much more of a self-exerciser than Hepzee.  He doesn’t run as fast, so if I want to exercise, I need to put him in the trailer for part of the time.  Sam is still young and his bones are still developing, so it’s not good to run him full out.  (Hepzee likes to be a bum and watch the world go by.)

I have this pipe dream of buying the dogs harnesses and teaching them to pull something.  This trailer has the potential to be modified so Sam can pull it.

Since I don’t have a vehicle anymore, I decided to spend more money to get a decent quality trailer to help me get around a bit easier.

It’s a great upgrade from the plastic bike trailer I bought for $20.

Boys in trailer.

Upgraded bike trailer.


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