We bought a tent!

Sleep has always played an important role in my life. When life is going a bit better, I need 9 hours a night to cope. When life is crap, I sleep way more so I can survive.

I haven’t slept well since the snow melted and the temperatures warmed up. On a whim, I bought a tent last week. Sleeping in the fresh air is wonderful. When the skies are clear I leave the fly off and I can see the stars.

Me and Sam moved the tent into the bush today to get it out of the sun in the morning. We cleared a little spot and set it up under the trees. The humidex was around 40* this afternoon so I put on my bikini, my moccasins, and got nice and sweaty, (in the middle of a poison ivy patch.) Here’s to hoping I don’t get any.

My sister drove onto the yard at the tail end of our tent moving adventure. I walked out of the bush dressed in next to nothing dripping in sweat. She didn’t ask, and I just laughed.

Sam quite enjoys sleeping in the tent as long as I have a fan in the middle of the yard for white noise.  Hepzee’s not a fan if the truth be told.  He would rather stay inside and sleep on the great mattress we have.

Sam barks at ghosts that flit through the foggy corners of his mind.  Hepzee snaps bugs, real and imaginary.  First he stares at them for a long time, then he starts snapping at the air.  Barking at ghosts and snapping at air is entertaining when the sun shines, not so much under the moon.

I’m off to make a salve with aloe and plaintain just in case I get poison ivy.  I already have some sort of spreading rash.  One property of plaintain is that it’s drying.  Can’t wait to see if it works.

Have a great night everyone!

Sam is a great helper. He dug a couple of deep holes in the area I cleared for the tent pad.
Sam helped move the tarp. (More like got a ride.)
Sam helping me tear down the tent.
Our outdoor bedroom in the new location.


2 thoughts on “We bought a tent!”

    1. We have been having funky weather here the past few days, so we haven’t slept in the tent. It’s settled down for tonight, so we’ll give it a whirl again.

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