Mom, take me for a run. NOW!!

I biked many miles today.  Fifteen miles got me to town and back.  First, I went to visit my Grandma first and then to a chiropractic appointment.  It was incredibly windy today so it was slow going.  By the time I left Steinbach, I was in tears from being so anxious about biking in town.  (I’m such a country bumpkin.).  But I made it there and I made it back.  I recovered by snarfing a bag of chips and after Hepzee communicated to me that “I’m going to have a panic attack if you don’t take me for a run”, we went for a 4 1/2 mile bike ride.  Hepzee would have liked to go further, but that’s all I had in me, (plus a little bit.)    Hephzibah


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