mukluks feel so freeing 

I’m now the owner of these bad girls. After I bought a two pairs of moccasins in June, I transitioned completely to minimalist footwear. My body loved it so I knew I had to have mukluks. 

Due to some wear and tear issues with my moccasins, I procrastinated ordering mukluks and have been wearing my hiking boots on the cold days. They cause a funky pain in my jaw, temple and neck. After a few consecutive days of walking my ankles, knees, hips and back ache badly.  

I only bought these because I was under the impression that local aboriginals made them. I did more reading up on the company. Only 20% of the footwear they sell is made in Canada. The rest comes from overseas. What a complete sham. It is so disgusting. But because it’s so important for me to be out and about in the bush right now with the boys, I will keep them. 

Buyer beware: Most Manitobah Mukluks probably aren’t made in Manitoba or Canada. Find the real deal, there are people out there who make them. 



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