Depression, anxiety, PTSD, and borderline personality disorder have made up my life since I was 14 years old. The struggle has not let up for over 20 years in spite of trying numerous therapies, and life style changes.

I’ve lived with emotional neglect from my family of origin all my life. I am a very sensitive person living in a close-minded, judgmental, religious community.

After trying main stream treatment for most of my life, I stopped my medications, stopped therapy, and looked into alternative therapies for healing my mind. I’m unable to work, don’t have a vehicle, and live in the country so free is the only option.

It’s been quite the journey and so far I’ve made amazing changes to my physical body, but my mind is still broken. I’m gluten-free, almost sugar-free, and eat a diet of nutrient dense, living food. I lost 110 pounds, and am in the best shape of my adult life.

I exercise daily with yoga, walking, cycling, stretching, or dancing. I strive to practice mindfulness, and am getting into a serious meditation practice.

When the depression lifts a bit, I do a lot of visualizations. I also do energy work like tapping and a bit of shaking.

My two boys are my life. Hephzibah is a sleek, dignified looking dog who is standoffish and very anxious. Sweet Sam (Samuel) is 1/2 basset hound, 1/2 double doodle, and is so easy-going and a bit lackadaisical.

I have another blog where I write about my life, and my struggles with mental illness. A Shattered Heart

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