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catnip/dandelion pesto

I had my first spring meal, and it was so, so good. After a winter of eating bland, sad vegetables grown just for the sake of making money, eating spring greens right outside my front door is like coming home.

I made catnip/dandilion pesto. It’s what happens to be growing prolifically on my yard right now. The catnip counters the bitter dandelion. I had on top of oat pasta, vidallia onions and kidney beans. Hmmmm good!!





Dogs And Pancakes

I made amazing vegan buckwheat pancakes tonight.  

Toppings: fruit sauce (peaches, strawberries, blueberries, apple sauce) butter, maple syrup, coconut, coconut whipped cream, nuts and seeds. Oh my gosh delicious! 

making sure there is nothing to bark at

stopping for a mid-walk stretch

Give me my chicken Mom!

The boys eat a half raw meat diet. It’s more than I can afford, but Hepzee does much better with raw meat in his gut. 

We tried fish the other day, and it was a fail. Sam the garborator wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pole. Hepzee had a go at it every few hours. Sigh. So much for broadening their horizons. 

give me my chicken mom!

shit man, this just aint’t gonna happen.

Puppies and pancakes!

Mr. Sam I Am
Hmmm!! It smells so good in here. Mom is making vegan, gluten free pancakes. All we need is to fry up some of the pork loin she bough for met on sale this week and life couldn’t be any better!!
Mr. Sam I Am
Here’s to hoping Mom flips a pancake right off the pan and into my mouth!
Vegan, gluten free buckwheat pancakes with strawberries, bananas, peaches, applesauce, maple syrup, coconut and butter! So GOOD!!