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golden-crowned kinglet

These little guys were happy to let me and the boys sit close by and listen to their happy chatter and watch their busy flutterings.   Nothing like the prudish ducks who make a bee line out of the pond as soon as we come into view.

They look like they might be Golden-Crowned Kinglets.

bird (2)bird (3)bird


Smokin’ Hot Looking Me – Happy, Happy Boys

So happy and carefree. His energy, and lighthearted attitude cause many smiles to flit across my face.
Stop disturbing me and let me finish my siesta.
Mr. Sam I Am LOVES being in the hammock. As soon as I get into it, Samuel jumps in. He has a ritual, first he tries to dig his way out the bottom, then he rubs his head along the bottom, (which results in occasional somersaults and hasty exits from the hammock) then he sacks out. Aunt K mused yesterday that Sam only has two modes, on and off. He quite happily turns off when he sees me getting into the hammock.
Sam has SO much hair. I love his bed head first thing in the morning. It’s great. I’m thinking of getting out the scissors cause he’s getting a bit shaggy.
So happy. This is the smile I get when we’ve biked 3/4 mile and walked 1 mile to get to the gravel pits.
Mr. Sam I Am
Another smile after swimming.
Donna Marie
A rare picture of me after an even rarer night out on the town eating vegan burgers and painting the town red with my cousin.
Ready for bed.
This is an amazing picture because Hepzee has always HATED water!! He takes long detours around puddles and won’t go out in the rain. Just recently he’s started to wade. He gets all four paws in the water and languidly walks around.