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DIY Earthing Hack

DIY Earthing.
I started off earthing on January 1 of this year. The results were startling, very black and white. My sleep improved, I now have a deep, restful sleep. I wake up without death being the first thought that crosses my mind. If I have an ache, I wrap the wire around it for the night, and it usually feels better the next day. Since starting to earth, I’ve been able to start shifting my circadian rhythm.

I started off with an electrical cord. I stripped the ground wire, bent the charged prongs and plugged it into the wall socket. I wrapped the bare wires around any body part that hurt. A few months later, my aunt bought me earthing bands that fit around my wrists. So for a while I did both. Then my extension cord broke, so I just used the bands.

My left shoulder is causing my problems, and I’ve been putting off fixing the cord. Today I finally got around to it, and feeling good about it, because I spent the weekend in bed to depressed to move.

I tried something new, using the earth itself. Here are some pics to give you ideas if you want to try it yourself.  I totally recommend it.  Here’s a bare bones article on earthing: click here