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Dogs and dill pesto


The Howling Penner Brothers!

The Howling Penner Brothers. The boys howl when I leave the house and leave them home alone. It’s the saddest sound in the world. Now we’re working on howling on command. Every morning the boys have to work for their breakfast. Some days they put on a good show, and sometimes they just yip a bit, but it’s all fun.

Anger, beauty and my boys

How can I be so angry, hurt and lonely when there is all this beauty and so reasons to smile around me?

The boys are really keen on doing obedience training.  Sam is a so smart and eager.  Hepzee has always been harder to train because he wasn’t food motivated, but that’s changing.  He now loves his food and is willing to work for it.

I’m embarrassed to say that we’ve never managed to leash train ourselves.  We work at it every summer, then give up.  I was amazed when I put the leashes on them yesterday, they both walked like pros.

I’m off to therapy in a few minutes.  Going to see if I can dissipate some of this anger and hurt.

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Tongues out, it’s a good evening

Went on a bike ride today to clear the obsessive thoughts running through my mind.  Chose to enjoy my family of choice rather than wasting energy on my family of origin and their manipulations. Good choice if I might say so!

Hell’s Bells


Hephzibah:  I’m worried about Mom.

Sweet Sam:  How so?

Hephzibah:  She keeps talking about how lonely she is.  The conversation always ends with her wishing for a man in her life.

Sweet Sam:  Hell’s bell’s, we have to nip that in the bud.

Hephzibah:  That’s what I’m thinking, we need to stay a single parent family.  We are NOT sharing a bed!

Sweet Sam:  Well, Big Bro, what’s the plan?

Hephzibah:  I’m pretty sure a shiny new pickup truck is on the list of “must have’s” for a potential mate, so I’ll pee on all the tires before he even opens the door.  You do anything that involves cow shit and your entire body.

Sweet Sam:  Sweet!!  Can do.

Hephzibah:  If that fails, I’ve got a Plan B.  Pee on him.

Sweet Sam:  Excellent.  Good talk H!


Give me my chicken Mom!

The boys eat a half raw meat diet. It’s more than I can afford, but Hepzee does much better with raw meat in his gut. 

We tried fish the other day, and it was a fail. Sam the garborator wouldn’t touch it with a ten foot pole. Hepzee had a go at it every few hours. Sigh. So much for broadening their horizons. 

give me my chicken mom!

shit man, this just aint’t gonna happen.