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golden-crowned kinglet

These little guys were happy to let me and the boys sit close by and listen to their happy chatter and watch their busy flutterings.   Nothing like the prudish ducks who make a bee line out of the pond as soon as we come into view.

They look like they might be Golden-Crowned Kinglets.

bird (2)bird (3)bird


old ford trucks and teenage crushes

Bouncing across alfalfa fields
Laughing, teasing
Sitting next to my teenage crush
Springs showing, sitting on a board
Holes in the floor
Engine sound as ever
Sweet summer days of bygone youth

old truck (3)
Old farms trucks from my teenage years. 

old truck (5)

old truck
Eyes that have seen to much, now left discarded in the trash

old truck (7)

old truck (6)

old truck (4)

old truck (2)

Most magical day!

I had a magical day!

I met the most beautiful soul.  He made me feel precious.

Sweet Sam went swimming for the first time in 2 years since having a frightening experience while swimming.

I ended this amazing day around a fire and watched the meteorite shower and northern lights.

I feel blessed, and am overflowing with gratitude.