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Walking on the wild side, going to make sauerkraut!

I grew up in a home where only “safe” food was eaten.  I’m not sure what the deal was with that. Only fresh, mild cheese was acceptable.  Nothing aged, curdled, anything that wasn’t made of cows milk, or, heaven forbid anything fermented, ever passed our lips.  Sour cream, yogurt, goats cheese, sauerkraut, was regarded as disgusting and wrong.

Well, I’m on a mission to change that in my life.  The “safe” standard American diet has done me and ALL my family so wrong.  The changes that I have made so far are immense, and my physical body has been rewarding me.  My brain hasn’t taken note yet, and is continuing on the depression, anxiety, and trauma path.  However, I am determined to keep trying new things, to see if I can rewire my brain.

This afternoon, I am going to attempt to make sauerkraut.  I’ve heard so many stories of people who take one bite, say it’s not good and vow never to try it again.  The exciting thing is that sauerkraut is so amazingly full of great stuff, that their bodies start to crave it, after ONE bite.  So I’m trusting that will happen for me.  I’m actually looking forward to seeing how this will play out.  This Penner is taking another leap into the wild side!!

Right now, I have Hephzibah under my left arm, Samuel is curled up under my right arm, and we are listening to another talk on The Anxiety Summit by Summer Bock.  She is a Master Fermentationist.  I watched a video of her demonstrating how to make sauerkraut. It’s SO easy, and she loves what she does.  Here’s the link for the video. http://www.summerbock.com/ferment-veggies-at-home/ Not sure if it will work, I got it as a bonus from the summit.  She has a workshop for sale on her website for $28.  I would totally buy it if I had the money.  Here is the link to her website.  http://www.summerbock.com/  She talks about rebuilding the gut, cleansing, and has a free ebook on fermentation.

Makings of SauerkrautHere is what’s needed for sauerkraut.  Salt, cabbage and a jar.  I’m not sure I have the best salt for this.  I’m going to get pure sea salt from the health food store in the future.

Impatient HephzibahHepzee is now sitting and glaring at me.  It’s time to get off the computer and go outside.  It’s winter again today, so out will come the gloves and toque.  Then I will get to the sauerkraut.